I love sketches. 

I love making sketches of things I see and things that I am thinking about. I love the feel of sketchbook in my hand. I love flipping through my old sketchbooks and have memories flood back to me. I love visiting libraries and searching out the drawing section. I love visiting galleries and seeing a great big wall of sketches, or even a small sketchbook to flip through. And, I love sharing my own sketches with friends and people I meet.

So I figured out my own way to share my own sketches with you. Sign up here to receive an email once every other week and you will receive a message with an image from one of my sketchbooks.

That's it.

The emails go out on different days so it may take a few before the first ends up in your inbox. If you ever decide you would not like to receive these sketches unsubscribe via the link provided in the email.