A reblogging from my Facebook status

UPDATE: The Article is now on the Canadian Art website. Many of the references in the article have been linked to material on the internet including this website. It is a bonus to the print feature for sure.


Happy to share that I have been featured in the current issue of Canadian Art in an article by David Balzer!!!

Nothing online as far as I can tell but you can find print editions at Chapters. Oh yeah, there is an iPad Canadian Art magazine version but you would have to subscribe for a whole year to see it. I am not that crazy about my iPad to do that but I can think of a few who might be. 

The lead image is a frontside boardslide on a box painted the same as my father's komatik box from Labrador. This is a still from a video shot by Navarana Tretina Igloliorte in our driveway in Sackville. Reminds me of skateboarding in Goose Bay in the spring. 

In the studio today between painting sessions I was flipping through art book about Blinky Palermo who is awesome. I came across a similar long rectangle, black and while painting I hadn't seen before. There is something so awesome about Labradorians like my dad making paintings like this on komatik boxes for some time now. 

I was hoping to see more komatik paintings in Hopedale but mostly their komatik boxes aren't painted! It's more of a Goose Bay and Makkovik thing I s'ppose!